The Better
Period Panty

for people who care,
by people who care

The Better
Period Panty

for people who care,
by people who care

Who Are Domino Wear Panties For?

People who care about Comfort

Thoughtful body friendly design, high-end, superior materials, easily outperforming competitor brands.

People who care about the Environment

Made from super comfortable Tencel, a renewable fiber that recycles 99% of the water used in the process. PFOA- and PFAS-free!

People who care about People

DominoWear -from the fabrics to the panty itself- are made in USA under fair wage conditions.

Care About Comfort

Domino Wear period panties are designed to fit your body

Absorbency levels you can depend on

We are offering two absorbency levels to suit your needs. By using high-end, modern fabrics we created a panty that is ultra absorbent, with a generous absorbent panel towards the front and back.

Menstruation is different for every user

Someone whose menstrual fluid distributes evenly throughout the absorbent panel will be able to go longer in between panty changes than someone whose menstrual fluid accumulates mainly in one area (i.e. the ‘back bleeder’).

For that reason we chose to label our absorbency levels as ‘moderate’ and ‘heavy’, rather than assign them tampon values. 

Strictly for brand comparison of period panties though our moderate panty compares to a 3+ tampon period panty in other brands. Our heavy absorbency panty has shown in testing to be on par or exceeding the highest capacity panty in competitor brands.


If you have tried other brands you may have noticed most panties are made for people without much curvature in the back.

A body friendly fit

Our anatomy-conscious design accommodates those menstruating humans with more volume in the back than in the front – a fact often ignored by other period panty designers.

DominoWear is currently available in sizes S through XL (US clothing sizes 4 to 18).

Here’s what we didn’t like about the period panties we have tried (and we tried a lot!):

Panties that look cute in the front often do not offer enough coverage in the back, especially if you have been working out building those glutes or are naturally curvier. On the flip side, panties that go up high enough in the back are often much too high in the front.

Our panties are cut higher in the back to provide coverage for even the most generous booties while still offering a flattering, below-the-belly-button cut in the front. Whether you wear DominoWear for leg day at the gym or for picking up toddlers, we’ve got your back!

Got Booty? We’ve got you covered!

Superior natural materials
create the most comfortable panty

No one loves the feeling of wearing a swimsuit for hours on end, yet nylon, polyester, and swimsuit elastic are popular materials with other period panty manufacturers. They’re made from petrochemicals, which are not biodegradable.

DominoWear panties are made with natural fibers and soft elastic; they’re lush on the skin and soft on the waist and leg openings.

Odor-Reducing Fabric

Textile fibers can encourage the growth of microorganisms thanks to bodily fluids like sweat, oils, and urine and other factors like a warm or humid environment. Microbial growth can cause fabric to smell, create holes that threaten the fabric’s integrity, and stain or discolor the fabric: all shortening the life of the product.

Our one-way wicking Supima cotton fabric is made with Silvadur™, an antimicrobial fabric that reduces these effects. Silvadur™ is NOT nanotechnology.

DominoWear’s unique top layer wicks away moisture and absorbs fluids to keep you feeling dry and comfortable.

Natural, Comfortable Fibers Next to Your Skin

Unlike most of our competitors, we only use natural materials next to your skin. The wicking layer in the gusset is made of cotton, and the outer fabric is made of a TENCEL™ and Organic Cotton blend. The resultant panty is a cool and dry, soft and smooth garment made from plant sources.

And Thoughtful, Comfort-Driven Features

Our wide waistband is flattering, functional, and comfortable, with a much lower chance of cutting in than a slimmer band.

Care About People

Made in the USA

DominoWear period panties, including the actual fabrics, are made in the USA by experts in the field who are paid a fair wage in a safe working environment. 

Our competitors often produce their products in Asia, where the cost of labor is low and the products are overall much cheaper to produce.

By choosing DominoWear you are supporting small businesses and workers in the USA.


Who We Are

DominoWear is a brand under Domino Pads LLC, a small, women-owned business that is dedicated to making great reusable period products. We are not investor funded, which means that our sole goal is to make you — our customer — happy.

Our period panties are assembled with superior performing, high-end materials by experts right here in the United States.
Our eco-conscious processes are more costly than those of brands making period panties overseas. We only sell directly to the consumer to keep prices low because we want everybody to be able to afford a better period panty: DominoWear


Sold Exclusively through MeLuna USA and One Stop Period Shop

DominoWear is sold by passionate users of reusable menstrual products, not marketing gurus. Direct-to-end consumer sales means you get a high-end product at an affordable price.

Care About The Environment

Fabrics Sourced with the World in Mind

TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers are made with a closed-loop production process in which wood pulp is transformed into cellulosic fibers. This is highly resource-efficient, as the solvent-spinning process recycles water and reuses solvent at a recovery rate of over 99%.

Natural, biodegradable fabrics

In using plant-based fibers over polyester and nylon, we ensure that DominoWear panties will degrade naturally after they are retired from use.

All fabric layers are PFAS free

Our fabric layers are free of PFOA, PFAS, and nanotechnology!

Fabrics and end product are produced locally

All of our fabrics are manufactured in the USA, which keeps our carbon footprint low throughout the shipping and procurement processes.

for people who care, by people who care

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